This film looks legit. #latism 

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Rise Chicano

Arise from the shadow of nothingness

arise from the neverending nada of servitude

The problem is that we live by other people’s words. 

We think we are, what they think we are.

Hollywood and sociologists have tried so hard to do us in. 

So rise and step out, from the long night of denial.

Chicano, dont let the ignorance of man command your conscious. 

Arise and tell your neighbor the news:

let the few become many.

Remember this: you are free to act, but you must act to be free.

So whats it gonna be?

Do we stand, or remind forever dead and dying?

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America’s Latino assets are not being used as they could to advance the nation’s interest. Better relations with our neighbors are possible. Latinos can lead the way.

well isn’t that the truth? 

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 patriotism of the Latin American community.

"Instead of bitching about people singing this in another language, we should be thankful that people of Latin heritage have our fucking backs and are PROUD to be American just like anyone who speaks English.

Personally, if they sang this in Chinese or German, it would still make me proud to be an American.

Get the fuck over it and stop being a xenophobic douche bag. Just because you only speak English does not mean you love this country more than someone who doesn’t.”-Some dude off YouTube…

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Shakira at White House: “The only road out of poverty is education”


Watch Shakira’s swearing-in speech on Thursday as part of President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. 

After the jump, read the full transcript of her speech, in which she stressed the importance of early childhood education for Latinos in the United States based on her 15 years experience working with children in Colombia and Latin America.

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